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It is often difficult to sort through the mess of online videos to see quality examples of Parkour. So here are some nice examples of Parkour videos for you:

The video that could be used all the time to show anyone what is Parkour: Parkour, literally.

An inspirational video of quality movement: Mathieu Ledoux – 3 hours for 3 minutes edit-

A beautiful video of some real movement: Tunisiana

A classic scene from the movie “Banlieue 13” (aka District B13). Solid movement: B13 Chase

One that might bring back some nostalgia for those who started Parkour back in the day. La Releve

Some rough training and from a strong group of traceurs in Russia. Some of this is useful if you find yourself in tough terrain. Some of this is also not recommended: “PAWA + KOI” Trainings

This has some really smooth, fluid movement: Professor Longhair, Big Chief

A small video from a group who have trained some good spots and decided to record some of their movements: Parkour Paris – Original Tracer