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Outdoor Classes


“The outdoor classes really help build the strength and confidence to approach different obstacles outside and know I’m going to be safe”

What this is:
For this outdoor training, we will be working on building up our physical condition in ways that are focused toward Parkour movement. Through various exercises and drills, we’ll aim to build speed and power, awareness and coordination, stability and mobility, and confidence while working with some techniques that are more specific to Parkour. The goal in these training sessions is to build the core that supports everything else, thereby facilitating efficient movement and mobile longevity. By building this core, everything else will come more easily and safely.

What this is NOT:
This is not a free-time play session. This is not a drop-in class. This is not an stunt class or an acrobatic/tricking class. This is not a “come learn new moves” class. This is not a time to use as an excuse to try stupid things. This is not a “run around and do whatever you want” class.

TBA – Email me if you are interested as I’m figuring out scheduling now.

The cost per session is $20. $15 – Back to school special!.
Cash is my preferred method of payment but if that’s not possible, a check (made out to Cliff Kravit). Please have it when you arrive.
No credit card payments will be accepted.

Since we’re working outside, we do have flexibility in this. I will usually have these located somewhere in the West LA area. If you have a particular location you want to try to hold a training session, please let me know so I can check it out.
For the September back-to-school month we’ll meet at UCLA by the fountain/pool area at the corner of Westwood Blvd. and Le Conte Ave. (North-West corner of the intersection): Map
There is some free for a couple hours (before a 6pm) parking in the structure on Broxton: Map

Liability Waivers:
All new participants are required to sign a liability waiver for these training sessions. Anyone under 18 years of age will require a legal guardian to sign the liability waiver. No exceptions.
(NOTE: This is a separate liability waiver than the one at the gym classes.)

Send an email to Coach Cliff (preferred) or leave a voicemail at: 310-439-8370